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Active Efficiency Collaborative 2020 Deliverables

Each year, the Working Teams develop and carry out a set of high-impact deliverables designed to help achieve the Collaborative’s mission of accelerating the adoption of Active Efficiency. These deliverables are selected with the guidance of the Steering Committee and developed in collaboration with a network of partner organizations. The 2020 deliverables are:

  • Active Efficiency Case Studies. Build awareness of the Active Efficiency terminology and the full set of measures available in the Active Efficiency toolbox.
  • Value Proposition for the Grid Benefits of Beneficial Electrification. Encourage policymakers to prioritize R&D, policies, and programs to invest in beneficial electrification by articulating its grid benefits (e.g., load flexibility, performance, reliability, resilience).
  • Value Proposition for Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings. Outline opportunities, barriers, and innovative program models that support grid-interactive efficient building projects to inform the Program Models workshops.
  • Workshops to Develop Utility Program Models for Delivery of Active Efficiency Projects. Focusing on specific U.S. states or regions, develop guidelines or principles for innovative utility program models that harness third party capital to facilitate projects with Active Efficiency measures.

In developing the deliverables, the Active Efficiency Collaborative and its Working Teams engage with a broad coalition of partner organizations as well as target audiences (e.g., policymakers, technology providers, utilities) to ensure the deliverables will effectively encourage implementation of and investment in Active Efficiency measures.

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