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Bill Fay


William Fay leads the broad-based based Energy Efficient Codes Coalition (EECC), which submitted the only proposal before the International Code Council that’s documented to boost the 2009 energy efficiency codes for homes by 30% over current code (“The 30% Solution”).  Many elements of this ambitious proposal were adopted, resulting in an unprecedented increase in the 2009 IECC (estimated to be at least 12.3%

With over 28 years in the nation’s capital, Fay has organized, managed, and led several trade associations and national coalitions. He has a strong background in energy, environmental, transportation, tax and natural resource policy and regulation.  His experience on Capitol Hill included working for both the US Senate and House of Representatives, with Members of Congress who served on the Senate Appropriations, Energy & Natural Resources, Environment & Public Works, and Finance Committees and the House Transportation & Infrastructure, Resources and Agriculture Committees.