CarbonCount® | Alliance to Save Energy


CarbonCount® is a scoring tool that evaluates bond investments in U.S.-based, energy efficiency and renewable energy projects to determine how effectively they can be expected to reduce CO2 emissions per $1,000 of investment.

The Alliance to Save Energy now offers third-party green bond certifications in accordance with the CarbonCount methodology. Through CarbonCount, the Alliance aims to increase financial flows toward, and justify favorable capital pricing for, projects that promise superior climate benefits.

CarbonCount is the winner of a Finance for Resilience (FiRe) prize, competitively awarded at the 2015 Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit. FiRe recognizes innovative projects that accelerate finance for clean energy, climate, sustainability and green growth. In November 2015, HSBC praised CarbonCount for its ability to provide the “single metric” that investors need to “compare the environmental quality of green bonds”.


Learn more about CarbonCount from the Alliance to Save Energy President Kateri Callahan: