International | Alliance to Save Energy

Energy-efficient countries do more while using less – such as powering more buildings and getting clean water to more citizens while using less energy to do it.

Benefits of an Energy-Efficient World

All countries could do more to cut down on energy waste and save the world’s energy resources. Energy efficiency provides a solution to some of today's greatest challenges: It can reduce energy costs, contribute to job growth, and improve the lives of people worldwide, all while reducing environmental damage. Today, developing and transitioning countries represent particularly strong opportunities for promoting energy-efficiency due to their growing energy demand and expanding markets for energy efficient goods and services.

How the Alliance Helps Countries Save Energy

The Alliance to Save Energy works with countries around the world to improve the efficiency of their energy use in all major sectors.

We build coalitions with key stakeholders and work with local partners to implement programs that create lasting improvements in energy efficiency. Drawing on the expertise of the Alliance’s U.S.-based staff and its experts in India, Mexico, South Africa, Armenia, Ukraine, and Vietnam, the Alliance has carried out international programs in more than 30 countries in water and energy efficiency, transportation planningindustrial energy efficiencymunicipal energy efficiency, and municipal financing.

The Alliance also supports sister organizations such as the European Alliance to Save Energy and the Australian Alliance to Save Energy (A2SE).