President's Budget Strengthens Commitment to Energy Efficiency | Alliance to Save Energy

President's Budget Strengthens Commitment to Energy Efficiency

Release Date: Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Statement by Alliance to Save Energy's Floyd DesChamps

“The Alliance commends the President for his plan to address the nation's budgetary issues.  In the current atmosphere of demanding financial challenges, we thank the President for his firm and steadfast support of energy efficiency as a source of clean and affordable energy. 

“The President's budget recognizes that investments in energy efficiency are needed to reduce the burden of energy costs on consumers, make businesses more competitive, and create sustainable growth. The budget would increase investment and spur innovation in better buildings, advanced vehicles, competitive manufacturing, and smarter energy systems. Greater efficiency will boost our long-term fiscal health and economic competitiveness.

“The President's call for a doubling of the nation's energy productivity by 2030, consistent with the Alliance Commission on National Energy Efficiency Policy's Energy 2030 report, is clear recognition of the power of energy productivity and its ability to address the economic, environmental, and national security concerns. We look forward to engaging the Administration on many of the recommendations from the Energy 2030 report including investments in research and innovation and policy reform through an energy productivity Race to the Top competition.” 

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