'Virtual Podium' Streams EE Global Press Conferences | Alliance to Save Energy

'Virtual Podium' Streams EE Global Press Conferences

Release Date: Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eight prominent corporations and organizations are announcing their latest energy efficiency news today during an 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. EDT press conference at the Alliance to Save Energy and Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance’s EE Global 2012.

The EE Global Virtual Podium is presenting a variety of announcements ranging from energy-saving systems and technologies premiering in the United States to increased energy efficiency investments and commitments globally. 

“The announcements today demonstrate that energy efficiency is a top-of-mind priority for businesses and governments,” said Alliance to Save Energy President Kateri Callahan. “As companies seek the economic benefits of energy efficiency and global leaders cultivate new partnerships, the next generation of energy efficiency is emerging and helping to improve the economies around the world.”

How You Can Participate

Each company or organization’s 15-minute news conference will be self-contained, with time for Q&A after every announcement (see the full lineup here).Working journalists may register free of charge for the full EE Global Conference, including access to the Virtual Podium.

Journalists can also watch and ask questions during the EE Global Virtual Podium live on the web. Video from the webcast will be available on demand directly after the Virtual Podium ends and will also be available later in the day through an FTP.

Virtual Podium Includes These Energy Efficiency Announcements:

Bosch: Ultra-Efficient Homes in Atlanta

After a pilot project in Canada, Bosch is building its first ultra-efficient homes in the U.S., designed as models for both retrofits and new home construction. The homes, along with Bosch’s first-in-the-world center showcasing its energy-efficient solutions, will be located in Serenbe, a sustainable, eco-conscious Atlanta suburb. 

Using Bosch-manufactured tankless water heaters, solar thermal systems, condensing boilers and hot water storage tanks, these homes show how combined technologies can ensure low energy costs for homeowners. Plus, the homes will use Bosch’s ENERGY STAR-designated “Most Efficient” geothermal heat pumps that are designed and built in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Danfoss: Honoring Energy Efficiency Achievements

Danfoss will present its third annual EnVisioneer of the Year award to Smardt Chiller Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of oil-free centrifugal chillers. The Danfoss award competition, launched in 2010, recognizes North American end users, building owners and original equipment manufacturers that have realized significant energy and/or environmental savings by introducing a new product, opening a new facility or investing in a building or system upgrade in the past 18 months, using Danfoss products or solutions.

In the case of this year’s award, Smardt installed chillers using Danfoss Turbocor’s oil-free, variable-speed, magnetic bearing centrifugal compressor technology in a chiller plant that, as a result, has become 61% more efficient than a plant that uses oil-lubricated screw chillers.

The League of Green Embassies and Alliance to Save Energy: Embassy Energy Savings

The Alliance to Save Energy and the U.S. State Department’s League of Green Embassies are sharing impressive energy-saving results from their first energy efficiency makeover of a U.S. diplomatic residence in Europe, unveiled a year ago during the Alliance’s 2011 EE Global international conference in Brussels, Belgium.  Compared to the same timeframe a year earlier, the basement-to-attic energy efficiency upgrades in Ambassador Howard Gutman’s residence led to residential energy savings ranging from 41.6% in July to 24.4% in May.

The successful 2011 partnership inspired U.S. Ambassador to Finland and League of Green Embassies Chair Bruce Oreck to replicate the Brussels makeover across Europe, beginning last fall. Oreck secured $500,000 from the U.S. Department of State to defray some of the costs of a 10-city European “energy efficiency sweep.” Projected energy savings are significant: 45-76% on exterior lighting; 23-46% on heating; 14,400 gallons of water, the amount used for 350 loads of laundry; and 528 gallons of oil, enough to avoid 6 tons of CO2 emissions.

Schneider Electric: Upping Energy Efficiency Investments

Schneider Electric will announce its commitment to help U.S. utilities work directly with consumers to better manage energy use in conjunction with the expanded White House-inspired, industry-led Green Button initiative. Using the Green Button platform, utilities across the country are making it possible for residential and commercial customers to easily and securely download energy usage data straight from their utility’s website. The data can then be used in smart applications, that consumers choose and trust, that are provided by industry partners such as Schneider Electric to make intelligent energy management decisions.

Siemens: New Energy Partner, Added Expertise

Siemens has acquired a new partner, Pace Global Energy Services, which brings energy planning, consulting and procurement expertise to complement the company’s existing energy efficiency offerings. The acquisition supports Siemens’s strategic commitment to enhance enterprise value for its global clients by truly optimizing energy and resource efficiency.

Pace Global’s deep knowledge of energy markets, its experience with C-Suite decision support and its commercial solutions are a natural fit with Siemens’s sustainability and energy management capabilities. By combining both companies’ market-leading expertise, Siemens says it has formed a unique end-to-end energy consulting and project delivery capability.

The United Nations Foundation: Building Energy Efficiency Partnership

Supporting the U.N. Secretary General’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative, the U.N. Foundation is encouraging the creation of a global public/private partnership to promote more energy-efficient buildings, leading to universal adoption of low- to zero-energy buildings.

 The partnership will encourage developing countries to include energy-efficient building strategies in their national energy plans, mitigation actions and policies and programs to increase capacity and financing. It will enable companies that market energy-efficient products and services to join together with financial institutions, developers, property owners, government officials and experts from civil society in support of broader adoption of innovative yet proven approaches.

Whirlpool:  Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Refrigeration

Whirlpool Corporation will discuss a new product component that helps deliver both innovation and energy efficiency to consumers. A key factor in appliance energy efficiency is the type of blowing agent used in the foams that insulate a refrigerator’s cabinet. The company and its research and development partners are working on a next-generation foam technology, Hydro Fluoro Olefins (HFOs), commonly known as fourth-generation foams.

HFOs are a more environmentally conscious alternative to hydrocarbons, delivering 40% lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) and 5-8% better energy efficiency over existing hydrocarbon solutions. This innovation will provide consumers with the most environmentally-friendly refrigerators available.

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