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Tennessee Valley Authority

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), set up by Congress in 1933, is the nation’s largest public power company. By supplying wholesale power to 159 power distributors (109 municipal utility companies and 50 cooperatives), and directly to 59 large industrial customers and federal installations in the Valley, TVA supplies the energy needs of approximately 9 million consumers.

TVA operates fossil-fuel, nuclear, and hydropower plants, and produces energy from renewable sources. It manages the nation’s fifth-largest river system to minimize flooding, maintain navigation, provide recreational opportunities, and protect water quality in the 41,000-square mile watershed, and provides economic development assistance to communities throughout the Valley.

TVA is committed to protecting the environmental resources of the Tennessee Valley by continually improving the environmental performance of its operations, balancing sustainable development of the Valley’s natural resources with supplying affordable, reliable power and sustaining the Valley’s resources for future generations through leadership in clean energy innovation and environmental management.