2012 EE Visionary Awards: Honoring Energy Efficiency Difference-Makers in Buffalo, Tuebingen, Masdar City | Alliance to Save Energy

2012 EE Visionary Awards: Honoring Energy Efficiency Difference-Makers in Buffalo, Tuebingen, Masdar City

At EE Global 2012, the Alliance to Save Energy and Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance will honor three international cities for their groundbreaking energy efficiency work during the March 29 EE Visionaries Awards Luncheon. These cities are: Tuebingen, Germany; Buffalo, N.Y.; and Masdar City, UAE.

EE Visionary Award is bestowed upon recipients from different regions of the world – the Americas, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Europe – in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the advancement of energy efficiency. Winners are selected by the 50+ member EE Global International Steering Committee (ISC), chaired by U.S. Senator Mark Warner and Schneider Electric U.S. President Jeff Drees.

Tuebingen, Germany

While the city’s population grew by 5.3% between 2004 and 2009, the absolute energy consumption decreased by 7%, with the per capita consumption decreasing by 12%. Spearheading much of the effort is Green Party Lord Mayor Boris Palmer, who encourages saving energy through a variety of community-based projects, including a local energy conservation campaign called Tuebingen goes blue, which transformed the city’s transportation system to include hybrid, electric and hydrogen buses. Other measures the city has taken are free public transportation on weekends and subsidizing people who exchange inefficient heating systems with more efficient ones. 

Buffalo, New York

The Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Inc. has become the heart of development in downtown Buffalo.  Recognizing the impact the Campus has on the city, stakeholders and campus officials have developed a five-year Energy Innovation Plan that will support economic development and growth in the greater Buffalo Niagara region.  The project represents a new approach to energy innovation that integrates energy efficiency, grid modernization, alternative transportation and renewable energy in the context of a growing medical and life science campus, and surrounding residential community.  

Masdar City, United Arab Emirates

Masdar City is a small emerging suburb of Abu Dhabi that set an admirable goal to become the world’s only sustainable, zero-carbon, zero-waste city. Developed to house around 40,000 residents and hundreds of businesses, Masdar City’s source for innovation is a top-notch research university with a reputation for being on the forefront of clean technology development.  This living and working community has become something of a research lab, where the next big thing in energy efficiency can be showcased, marketed, researched, developed, tested and implemented. 

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