2019 Charles H. Percy Award for Public Service Winners | Alliance to Save Energy

2019 Charles H. Percy Award for Public Service Winners

Dr. Marilyn Brown, Ralph Cavanagh, Clark Gellings, Kit Kennedy, and Stephen Wiel

The 2019 winners to date are:

  • Dr. Marilyn Brown, Professor in Georgia Tech's School of Public Policy, who published ground-breaking research on integration of energy efficiency and demand response resources. She directed Oak Ridge National Lab’s efficiency and renewables program and was a two-term presidential appointee to TVA’s Board of Directors, where she promoted efficiency as a virtual power plant.
  • Ralph Cavanagh and Kit Kennedy, of the Climate & Clean Energy Program at the Natural Resources Defense Council, who have spent a combined seven decades working with diverse energy partners to remove regulatory barriers to energy efficiency.
  • Clark Gellings, who had a 33-year career at the Electric Power Research (EPRI), serving in several technical management and executive leadership roles and leading in development of the demand-side management concept and smart grid research.
  • Stephen Wiel, who served as a Nevada utility commissioner and a founder and chair of the NARUC Conservation Committee, where he led early efforts on demand-side management, incentive regulation, and least-cost planning. He later served for over a decade as Energy Analysis Department Head at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.