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Pure Air Control Services, inc.

Pure Air Control Services, Inc. was established in 1984 as a small mechanical firm that has since set the industry standard for indoor air and environmental quality testing, analysis and solutions. The company has improved health, comfort and energy efficiency across more than 600 million square feet in over 10,000 facilities.

The company’s three specialized divisions include Building Sciences, Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory, and Building Remediation Sciences. They offer precise building health/energy assessments as well as innovative services for the hygienic cleaning/restoration of HVAC systems and indoor environments. These proprietary cleaning and restoration services provide verified improvements to the HVAC system in airflow, cooling capacity, delta-P and delta-T. The company’s innovative PURE-Steam coil cleaning method qualifies for energy rebates in the state of Florida with Duke Energy.

Pure Air Control Services, Inc. holds cooperative purchasing contracts with E&I, PAEC, and TIPS, as well as GSA FSS Contract GS-10F-0488R. The company has worked directly for many city, county, state and federal agencies, including K-12 school districts and universities, as well healthcare and commercial organizations. They have also teamed or subcontracted with other architectural, construction, energy, engineering and mechanical firms to provide world IAQ and energy services.